By Tom Robinson,

Zya Small from the highly successful NEPA Elite Clark 2027 AAU girls basketball team has landed her first National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I women’s basketball scholarship offer.

Boston College made the first offer to Small, who has received a series of honors and landed on several rankings lists of top players in her age group.

Small receives the offer before ever being eligible to play on the high school level. She is a 6-foot-2 eighth grader at Northeast Intermediate in the Scranton School District.

The NEPA Elite Clark 2027 team plays out of Riverfront Sports in Scranton. Loaded with talented eighth graders from around Lackawanna County, it has won multiple titles, often playing up against competition from higher grades, since being formed late in the summer of 2021.

Small plays forward, but also projects as a possible wing player in the future.

“Zya, with the way she has performed on a national level, is completely deserving,” said Kevin Clark, founder of NEPA Elite and coach of the team on which Small excels. “I’m not shocked that scouts are seeing her development thus far and it’s clear that her potential and ceiling are extremely high.”